Friday, May 17, 2013

Welcome aboard to an unofficial St. Louis Cardinals Blog

Are you a die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan? Do you consider yourself apart of the beloved family that the die-hards consider "Cardinal Nation"? Thank about that question for a couple of seconds. If you had to think about it, then the answer is more than likely no. If you answered it quickly or just with the word yes, then you have found the right place to be while searching the web -- or phone if that is what you happen to be on.

The name is Tyler Cobb. I am a 22 year old man with big dreams of becoming a professional sports writer -- or even a radio/TV broadcaster. I have been a huge Cardinals fan as well as an all-around Major League Baseball fan since I was around six years old, and it has been a major part of making me myself ever since. My dad got me into the Cardinals, which is something I am very thankful for still to this day -- everyday.

Ever since the first time that I went to the old Busch Stadium and witnessed Ozzie Smith's last home game ever as a Cardinal, keeping up with the team and the sport has been a huge hobby of mine. I have witnessed a lot of amazing things in my lifetime -- including two World Championships from the Red Birds -- a few NLDS, NLCS games live in person as well as World Series games including the Red Sox ending the "curse"in Game 4 with a sweep of St. Louis -- and yes, some tears were shed that night as I was 15 years old at the time.

Anyways, this blog is an unofficial blog on the St. Louis Cardinals -- and will include all the articles being written by myself. I will be writing game previews for certain games and will post the lineups for every game, game recaps and my player of the game for each and every game, my own team and player stories -- as well as some videos made by myself and possibly a few people at certain times, as well as some news from around the rest of the NL Central division as well as the rest of the MLB.

If you have any questions, comments, article requests or just want to give me critism, feel free to contact me in the "comment" section in a certain article, or follow me on twitter at @tcobb1990. I will always respond to each and every person, even if it isn't right away. I look forward to talking to fellow Cardinal fans and am excited to begin this blog. Thank you for checking it out and Go Cardinals!

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