Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads in Cardinal Nation (and my dad)

As the St. Louis Cardinals get prepared for the rubber match of this current three game series against the Miami Marlins later on this afternoon in Florida, I wanted to take out the time to wish all of the father's that are involved in Cardinal Nation a very, very special Happy Fathers Day -- and in specific, my father, Bill Cobb!

It is days like today that make you sit back and think about life, and as I sat up late last night, I thought and thought and thought. Being as big as a sports nut as I am, usually sports are what are on my mind -- unless something else big is going on of course. But with today's technology, every time my phone lights up, or my TV or radio is on -- it is usually all related to sports in a way. It never gets annoying though, and honestly, I have my very own father to think for that.

I was lucky enough to have a dad that I also consider my best friend -- which is something that I don't think enough people have these days even though each and every individual deserves to. I learned a lot from my father, and as I reflected on that last night, it actually hit me pretty hard (but in a good way of course).

Thanks to my best friend and father, I was brought up the way that every kid should be. He disciplined me in the correct manner, he taught me more than a fair share for me to become a very mature adult, and most of all he was a great guidance for me through my child hood and as I sit here today writing this, I know that if it weren't for him then I wouldn't be into writing and have the dream that I have -- nor the fandom of such that I do for sports and for the beloved Cardinals.

If you're lucky enough to have a dad like the one that I have -- one that may not have given you everything you wanted -- but more like everything that he possibly could, then make sure you let him know. I was introduced to the Birds on the Bat thanks to him, and that in itself is a huge blessing as they are a huge part of Tyler-being-Tyler (or myself being myself).

Being 22 years young, I got to experience a lot of things that some kids only dream of. I witnessed more than enough Cardinals games in person and he helped me learn and know what being apart of Cardinal Nation really felt like and what it is all about. I witnessed, live in person, Ozzie Smith in his last season at the old Busch Stadium, an unassisted triple-play (something that very rarely ANY level of baseball), the Albert Pujols era many times live, Mark McGwire live, an NLDS game, numerous NLCS games, the 2004 World Series clincher as the Red Sox ended their curse, and the second game EVER played at the new Busch Stadium -- along with much more historic things.

Thank you dad for giving me everything that you could as I grew up, and always being there for me. You helped me become me and there is honestly no possible way of me repaying you at an equal price aside from becoming successful and being the absolute best person that I can be -- because that is what you taught me to do. Even though we are so far apart miles wise, there is nobody that could come close in the father term and how much you mean to me. You and mom helped show me the light to always enjoy life no matter the hand you're dealt.

There is no better thing in life than being able to look back as you are growing up and having both parents to look at and being able to look up to them and thank them for always putting you first just because that is what parents do. Not everybody can say that but luckily I can look back and say that I am one of the very few that really and truly can.

As I finish this off though, as it was more of a post to my father, I would like to wish a very, very Happy Father's day to each and every father out there that has done and is doing their jobs. Cardinal Nation or not, you're all true heroes in my books. Enjoy your days today and don't let anything stand in the way. Mothers and Fathers day is something that should be celebrated every day, but sadly it isn't.

(As I am now officially ending my rant though, this post goes out to all of the fathers including every Cardinal player, every individual on the coaching staff as well as front office, as well as every fan -- HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!)

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