Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yadier Molina continues to master the art of America's Past time

As the league-leading St. Louis Cardinals continue their fantastic start to the season and hold down the best record in all of major league baseball, starting catcher Yadier Molina continues to prove why he is considered one of the very best all-around players in all of the game today.

As the team steps onto the field on Monday night in the first game of the four game-series against the division-rival Chicago Cubs and the first of their seven game home stand that will conclude over next weekend in a rematch of the historic' 2011 World Series against the Texas Rangers, Yadi will begin with the best batting average in all of the MLB as he is currently holding an electric average at the plate of .352.

Everybody slowly has been awaiting for his down fall at the plate -- and as manager Mike Matheny stated earlier on Sunday, this guy really has no limitations as he has already proven to be the top defensive catcher for over a couple of years now -- and now he is proving that he is not only elite behind the plate at calling the game for all of his pitching rotation, blocking balls in the dirt and throwing out the theives that try to steal bases -- but he is also just as elite at the plate and as an all-around baseball player.

After sitting out in Sunday's rubber match and finale at the Marlins, Molina had started 63 of the teams 69 games behind the plate and was on pace to start the most games at catcher since Ted Simmons started 153 games back in the 1973 season -- and note that no catcher in major league history has started over 135 games and finished that sea

"I've really stopped putting any limitations on what he can do, he just wills it to happen," said Matheny early on Sunday before the Cardinals 7 to 2 lost at Miami. " With catching everyday, there is an added component that a lot of players don't have to go through -- the grind mentally and physically. But he does a nice job seperating his offense from his defense. There's just so many things that he does. We've talked about it at length and I'll continue to talk about it, because it's pretty special."

One thing that certainly makes Yadi so special is the fact that he cares more about winning ball games for his team behind the plate than he does over individual records and awards -- which in today's game, whether you want to believe it or not, is a lot more rare than finding a four lear clover in the month of December.

When asked politely about how he felt about leading the league in the batting average category at the moment on Sunday afternoon before the loss that he didn't even get the start in (and knew about it before the interview), he replied with one of the most humble replies that I have ever seen and heard.

"I don't want to think about it. Baseball is up and down and I know that. My main concern is all about winning. As long as we'll be winning, I'll be OK."

The guy is simply a special player that does nothing but put his team first. It's rare to find someone that is of his calibar and that isn't cocky about being listed among the top players. Remember how special Mr. Albert Pujols was throughout his entire eleven seasons sporting the 'Birds on the Bat'? Well, let's just say he did this organization a favor by taking his $250 million dollar contract to Anahiem so we could afford the smaller, more reliable and comfordible contract with Yadi.

No disrespect at all pointed towards Albert -- especially after what he gave us in his 11 year-career in a Cardinals' uniform before making what you would call a 'business' decision in todays game -- but Yadier is truly the definition of what the 'Cardinal Way' is all about and respresents. Winning and loyalty describes this franchise more than anything -- and Yadi, you truly represent that.

Thank you for resigning for much less and doing much, much more. You are truly a special and loved player, and I will sign this sincerely by ALL of Cardinal Nation on that note.

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